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Summer Daze

I miss Summer.

I miss being able to lie out on the grass and gaze at the stars. Whenever I’d be feeling down, I could just look up at that starry sky, at the moon afloat in the endless sea, and in that blissful moment, I’d once again be at peace.

The feel of the warm grass between my toes, the echoed hymns of the cicadas, the gentle relief of the summer breeze, all the days spent playing in the sun, the sound of the rolling thunder, the running barefoot through the rain, the bike rides through the silent back streets, the walks through the endless green, the brightest blue skies above my head… I miss it all.

On one hand, it’s sad that I have to go so long without them…

…But on the other hand, even the memories of such days give me peace, as does knowing that there’s always another Summer’s worth just around the corner.

Sometimes, it’s all that keeps me hanging on. Knowing that, soon, it will get better. Knowing that there’s always one more Summer waiting for me. One more season filled with stargazing and having a good time. One more season filled with new adventures, new friends, new beginnings… one more season of recklessness and wonder.

3 months of bliss…

I’ll be waiting for you, right here, as always. I know you won’t let me down.

You never do.

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