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Why We Don’t Want A Democracy

First things first, let me start off with a little video from one of my favorite people in the political spectrum, Judge Andrew Napolitano - a series of “What if?” questions to get things going:

Once you’ve watched it, you should have a pretty good idea of where this is going.

Today, Democracy seems to be hailed around the world as some ‘perfect’ system and the ultimate form of government, and on the surface, it seems like a good idea. You’re giving the power to the people, and what they say goes, but Democracy isn’t as benign and simple a system as it seems on the surface.

Today, America is routinely referred to as a “Democracy” by just about everyone, but that is not the case. America is not a Democracy, it is a Republic, and the Founding Fathers actually *despised* the whole idea of a Democracy, seeing it as nothing more than mob rule, and a danger to the independence and personal liberties they’d fought an entire war to give to us. In fact, Benjamin Franklin, arguably one of the greatest minds in American history, once said about Democracy: “A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

A Democracy is in fact simply just mob rule. In a Democracy, 51% outweighs the concerns of 49%. In a Democracy, the whim of the majority, however slight, decides all. That is not a very efficient way to run things for a free society, but it is an excellent tool for dictators and those wishing to expand their power. The biggest problem with Democracy is that it depends wholly upon the power of the people to choose and nothing else, and people and their choices are easily led and misled.

Through propaganda and false promises, through charismatic speeches and campaigning and lies, the idea of the people can be shaped and directed to fit the mold of anyone. Men In Black had it right: “A person is smart, people are dumb.” It is this principal that the manipulators of Democracy rely upon to get their way. It is how many a dictator has risen to power, and many a dark age has fallen upon many a nation. Democracy is not as grand as people think it is. Democracy is, in fact, one of the worst forms of government when allowed to run out of control and stand all on its own. In a Democracy, corporate interests, big banks, and the wealthy actually have more say and more political power than anywhere else.

America was not founded to be a Democracy, but as a Democratic Republic. More than that, however, it was founded to be a Constitutional Republic. America was designed to have a government by the people, for the people - made up of the people and accountable to the people. It was to be chosen and comprised not of politicians and snakes, but of ordinary men and women from around the country who took an oath to uphold the Constitution that set in stone the rights they were endowed by their creator.

It was to have elements of a Democracy, most definitely, but a pure Democracy - as people seem to think we are now, and as we seem to be heading into more and more - is not an efficient form of government. A Democracy is Mob Rule, but a Republic is a government based on Law, not the whim of the voters and the flavor of the season. In a Constitutional Republic, no matter *what* the majority may say, the law of the Constitution remains supreme - the rights it guarantees can never be overturned. What is done and chosen cannot overturn or contradict the foundational laws and principals that built the country, lest the people wish to surrender their freedom and their wealth to forces domestic and abroad who would wish to usurp it, which is the danger posed by an out of control Democratic system, and the danger the Founders warned us about 200 years ago.

A Democracy relies upon the power of a group, but that’s not what America was founded to be. That was the very thing that the Founding Fathers were trying to get away from. America was founded to give power to the individual, not the majority. It was designed to allow the individual to be just as powerful and have just as much say as that 51%, as opposed to a Democracy, where what the majority says goes.

It is a dangerous form of government that is all but lawless; a form of government whose nature of existence changes with the whims and interests of the majority at that time. A form of government with no consistency nor method in which to protect a person’s individual liberties as a human being. A form of government where you, your opinion, and what you have to say ultimately does not matter if it does not fit the mold of the mainstream consensus on which a Democracy is run… and that is anything but freedom, and anything but the power of the people and of personal choice so promised by the system.

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